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Paris trip - 2006 March 20 to 23

Comments follow the picture/s to which they relate

063201Cimitière de St. Vincent, Rue Lucien Gaulard, 18e with chateau d'eau and Sacré Cœur behind
063202The only remaining vineyard in Paris on the corner of Rue des Saules, 18e and Rue Saint Vincent
063203Water tower (chateau d'eau) in Rue du Mont Cenis, 18e
063204Looking down Rue du Mont Cenis from near the water tower
063205Rue du Mont Cenis near Place du Tertre, Montmartre
063206Sacré Cœur from Place Saint Pierre
063207063210Service Municipal des Eaux de Paris , Montmartre waterworks. The stylised ships on the gates are from the city's coat of arms.
063212Anvers metro in Boulevard de Rochechouart,  18e / 9e
063214063215 Opera
063216Lamarck-Caulaincourt metro
063218063219Place de la Concorde
063220Arc de Triomphe
063226Horses on the Grand Palais
063227Petit Palais
063228Pont des Invalides from near …
063230063231 Pont Alexandre III
063232Port de la Conférence, 8e (between Pont de l'Alma and Pont des Invalides) see this page and this page
063233063234 Place de l'Alma
063235Unidentified piece of street furniture in Place de l'Alma bearing the arms and motto of Paris: Fluctuat nec mergitur: it is tossed by the waves but it does not sink.
063236The (now) world famous underpass beside the Pont de l'Alma where Henri Paul crashed the car he was driving on 1997 Aug 31.
063237A full-sized copy of the flame of the main Statue of Liberty. Near Pont de l'Alma presented to Paris by the International Herald Tribune in 1987.
063255 93 quai d'Orsay

Musée des Egouts de Paris
The Sewer Museum, opposite 93 quai d'Orsay, 7e near the Pont de l'Alma. Clearly the most important museum in Paris. Study guide.
063239Mock-up of a standard sewer access manhole. On the left is the manhole cover and the tool used to raise it. From then on I kept seeing these covers in the streets - which is not difficult since they are about every 50 metres and on the pavements - unlike Thames Water's which are in the road.
063238063240The sewers carry the water mains (drinking and non-drinking) plus telephone cables and (obsolete?) pneumatic tubes. Gas and electricity mains are excluded for safety reasons.
063243This tablet records Napoleon III's contribution to the development of the sewers. In his "Mémorial de Sainte-Hélène", Napoleon 1ere confrimed that the extension of the sewer system, although not very well known, was one of the greatest services he had rendered to the Nation.
063245063250In 1911, the last open sewer was closed over. It was in fact the Bièvre river, which flows through the 13e and 14e arrondissements and enters the Seine near Austerlitz station.
063251A ball used for scouring syphons. Inspiration for this image in Raiders of the Lost Ark?
063253063254Note how the sewers syphon under the Seine two or three times on their way to the Achères Sewage Treatment Plant.
063257Lift to take big stuff down into the sewers.

063258Quai d'Orsay with the Grand Palais behind. The working boats on the Thames have not yet worked out that you get better control if you push a barge rather than pulling it.
063259Elegant street lamp and the Grand Palais
063260Pont Alexandre III with the Petit Palais behind.
063261063262Les Invalides
063263Really OTT street lamp in Place de la Concorde. I think there is a CCTV camera neatly concealed in the top of it.
063264Jeanne d'Arc who failed to wrest Paris from Anglo-Burgundian control. Seen here in Place des Pyramides.

The Eiffel Tower
063296Seen from Montmartre. For ten minutes "at the top of each hour" thousands of camera-style flash lights go off randomly giving an interesting twinkling effect.

Britain has nothing that comes even half way to matching the splendour of Versailles (which is one of the reasons why they had a revolution and we did not).

063287Church of Saint Roch on Rue St-Honoré
063273Exit in Rue de Rivoli from …
063289… Palais-Royale, Musée du Louvre Métro station
063290Logo of Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens (the Métro). An interesting take on the "circle and line" logo of London Underground. I think the line is meant to represent the Seine (as well as a face).
063291Hotel Forest Hill near Porte de la Villette Métro station. I cannot image why anyone should want to name an hotel after this not very exciting bit of south east London. But then if the Boulevard Macdonald in which it stands is named after a burger company, anything is possible.
063294Cité des Sciences & de l'Industry beside Parc de la Villette
063292The Géode is an IMax cinema
063293The main Cité building reflected in the Géode
rogerThis is the picture I let them take on entry to their Biometrics exhibit
063297Very French boulangerie on the corner of Rue Duhesme and Rue Marcadet, 18e
063298"Oh look" (as I kept saying every 50 metres to annoy Lesley) "here is a manhole cover giving access to the sewer". In …
063200Rue de la Fontaine du But, 18e looking towards Lamarck-Caulaincourt metro.
063299The same with an all-important sewer manhole.

Cimetière du Père-Lachaise
There are plenty of recent graves in the cemetery. Apparently you can lease a plot for thirty years, at the end of which time presumably you are evicted to a less notable cemetery in the suburbs!
063300Chemin Errazu
063301Non-notable family but we like the way the figures appear to be part of the rock.
063302Eugène Édouard Désiré Branly - inventor of wireless telegraphy (at least that is what the French claim).
063303063306Fred Chopin and Ingres
063307Avenue Transversale
063309La Fontaine and Molière
063310Why do they need a sewer in a cemetery?
063311Sarah Bernhardt
053150063312Plaque on the house in Westland Row where Oscar was born and his tomb by Jakob Epstein in this cemetery.

063314"Every night this véhicule [a bus] turns into a Noctilien".
063315Mary of the twentieth arondissement in Place Gambetta.
063319"A la gloire de la République Française" in Place de la République.
063320"Oh look here is a manhole cover giving access to the sewer" in Rue du Temple close to Place de la République.
063322Corner of Rue Réamur and Boulevard de Sébastopol.
063326063329The roof a Eurostar train and one of its shared bogies.
063327The agglomeration of Rouen (on the Seine downstream from Paris) is currently running an advertising campaign in Paris. To judge by this poster you would think they were the first people to invent a lift bridge. OK. It will be the biggest lift bridge in Europe. More pictures.

Documentation-only shots

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