Roger W. Haworth
  • Hello. My name is Roger William Haworth - I'm the one on the left in the big picture. I live in South Croydon, Surrey, UK. (Help with spelling my surname.)
  • I am a retired computer consultant and software developer. I grew up as an MsDos person writing good old fashioned key­board-pounding applic­ations on an 80x25 text screen.
    I have skipped an whole generation of software development for Windows and now I keep my brain alert by developing web pages in that polyglot mix of PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and (very reluctantly for the last one) Javascript.
    I also get my kicks from helping to delete the endless dross that flows into Wikipedia along with the good stuff.
  • Panic!
    2015 Jun 27. Something has gone horribly wrong with my email. If you have had an email to me "bounced", typically with a message including 554 Refused. Authentication is required to send mail, then send it again but this time to:
  • Telephone:
    +44 20 8688 6745  home this number is on permanent answer­phone. Always speak to it - we may well be listening and will break in once we can tell that you are not a nuisance caller.
    +44 77 8875 6745  mobile if this goes to answer­phone it means that I am probably at home. You can leave a message but it might be 24 hours before I hear it.
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  • My father Jack Haworth who died in 2006 aged 92

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