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Pioneer statues
LiverpoolKingston upon Hull
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crab pic
Better view
of the boy with the crab.

The above statue stands at grid reference SJ339898 right beside the River Mersey and the entrance to the Canning Half Tide Dock and near Hartley Quay, Liverpool. The Pilotage Building is in the background. (More images: Humphrey Bolton and Red Simon.)

There is a description (below and photo) on a board nearby.

BBC news item website
Google aerial view - current view just shows a circular blank patchof ground

The above statue stands at grid reference TA 097 280 right beside the River Humber and near Wellington Street West in Kingston upon Hull. (Another image at Geograph.)

The inscription (below) on the four sides of the plinth says that the sculptor was Neil Hadlock and that the statue was donated in 2001 by the Sea Trek Foundation of America. (I think "their descendants journey in Tall Ships" should be "their ancestors' journey in tall ships".)

Now Neil Hadlock practises in Utah - Neil Hadlock's studio - but his style (Example 1 and Example 2) is a long way removed from the style of this statue.

Legacy Sculpture

by Mark DeGraffenried, 2001.

This statue of a young family commemorates migration from Liverpool to the new world.

It was given to the people of Liverpool by the Mormon Church as a tribute to the many families from all over Europe who embarked on a brave and pioneering voyage from Liverpool to start a new life in America.

It is estimated that in total approximately nine million people emigrated through the port.

The sculpture is cast in bronze. The child stepping forward at the front symbolises migration to the unknown world, whilst the child playing with a crab at the back indicates a deep association with the sea.

I think we can take this article (cached copy) from the LDS Church News as authoritative. It states that the sculpture is the work of Neil Hadlock, Mark DeGraffenried, and Hadlock's son, Taylor.

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