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York "then and now"

King's Staith
2007 Dec 312008 May 25

The floods were even worse in 2000. My sister, Rosalind says that the light on the top of the two way traffic sign in the middle of this picture (ie. the no entry sign on the left of the pictures below) continued to work throughout the flood!

When I took the May 25 pictures, I was working from memory as to the exact viewpoints of the Dec 31 pictures.
So I think I have done quite well on getting the same alignments.


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In this case I did have the 1892 photo in my hand when I took the one in 2008 so getting the alignment was easy.

Stokeville "then and now"

The Villas off London Road, Stoke-upon-Trent.

Wikipedia articleThe Villas own websiteMore RWH images of The VillasMap sources

Undated2008 July 12

The licence terms below do not apply to this image.

I had not seen the old photo when I took my 2008 photo. When I encountered the old one, my first reaction was "what a remarkably close match". However on closer inspection - look at the garden walls - I see that the old photo is taken looking up the road, ie. from near London Road looking towards the dead-end of The Villas. My shot is taken looking down towards London Road.