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TQ3262_296 Sanderstead railway station which is not really in Sanderstead! The building in the background on the left opened in 2007 and is called Vantage Point.
TQ3262_297 Vantage Point TQ3262_302 The parade of shops opposite Vantage Point and near the station
TQ3262_304TQ3262_303 The Bourne Society plaque: "commemorating the Convent of the Ladies of Mary. St Anne's College. On this site 1909 - 1980. Veritas omnia vincit." [Truth conquers all].

TQ3361_115TQ3361_116 Library at grid ref TQ334619 on the corner of Sanderstead Hill and Farm Fields
TQ3361_120TQ3361_121 URC chURCh a few yards further up Sanderstead Hill from the library
TQ3361_114 The ugly mobile mast in Sanderstead Hill outside the library is operated by O2.
TQ3361_117 This "telegraph pole" in Farm Fields outside the library is another mobile mast, plastic and is operated by Orange.

TQ3362_112TQ3362_113 Wettern Tree Garden. The house in the background of the second pic is "Squirrels", 96 Purley Oaks Road.

TQ3461_123TQ3461_124TQ3461_294TQ3461_142 Sanderstead Pond

TQ3461_127TQ3461_128TQ3461_293TQ3461_290TQ3461_291TQ3461_292 Village sign outside Rectory Court
The plate at the bottom reads: The roses on the roundabout commemorate the Silver Jubilee of H.M. Queen Elizabeth 1952 - 1977 and the golden jubilee of the Sanderstead Resiidents Association 1926 -1976.

TQ3461_130TQ3461_131 The White House, 18 Limpsfield Road.
TQ3461_132TQ3461_139TQ3461_140TQ3461_141 Gresham School
TQ3461_138 Beechview Cottages, 44, 46 & 48 Limpsfield Road.

TQ3461_003TQ3461_004TQ3461_005 SANderstead BT Telephone Exchange, in Church Way.
TQ3558_000 Upper Warlingham BT Telephone Exchange

TQ364582 Carry on past Upper Warlingham Exchange, along the Limpsfield Road to Chelsham Bus Garage Sainsbury's supermarket and you will find this Coal Tax post.

TQ3563_109TQ3563_110TQ3563_111 Heathfield
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The view from Colley Hill. Not much connection with Sanderstead - it just happens to be on this server and I wanted a link or two to anchor it.
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