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Vera Dik (born Febuary 15, 1999) is a Dutch citizen. She is mainly known for her accomplishments that are yet to be accomplished.

Early Life

She was born to E. Dik and T. Meeldijk. She has an older sister and an older brother. When she was around the age of 4, she started to play with DUPLO building blocks. This was one of the first times she came in contact with technology. The things she build varied from a little house to train rails. At that same time, her father got offered a job in China. The whole family, including young Vera went to China. There she played with her brother. However, her brother wasn't one for DUPLO, he had LEGO. So LEGO was the new source of entertainment for Vera. Togehter with her brother, she made tons of constructions. Most of them were made by her brother because she was too young to do it properly, but she always had a small part in it, even if it was sorting out the right blocks.

They returned to the Netherlands a year later. Vera went to the same primary school as her siblings, one nearby her home. Her sister was five years older then her and already discovered the beauty of the computer. They had one in their living room. Vera saw her sister playing al sorts of games on it and decided that she wanted that too. Vera was around 7 at that time and was more than able to click with the mouse, type and to play games.


During puberty, it is well known that kids can get quite rebellious. Vera however, wans't really one to rebel. She did have some misunderstandings with her parents but she didn't go against the rules. In her surroundings, there were children who went againts the rules. "There always were kids that were extremely lazy and copied everything from internet for their homework. Or they would ask their friends to send photos of their completed homework via their smarhphones. Now I'm not saying that I wasn't lazy or that I didn't ask for photos, but I only did it in desperate times because we all know desperate times call for desperate measures. But normaly I did everything myself. Because that's the way it's supposed to go". This she said to her parents once. When hearing this, her parents were very proud of their daughter. When she was asked how she then made her homework, she said that she used her computer (which she bought with her own, well-earned money) to look up sites. Not only did she look up things for school, in her spare time she used searching machines very often. Google and also Wikipedia were two of her main sources. She'd look up the most basic things, from the birth date of John F. Kennedy to the origin of the song "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals. She chose Aplha subject for her profile. This was because she never felt she was good in things that were related to numbers. Doing something with technoly was also something she thaught she would never be able to do.


Several songs Vera listened to in the last 24 hours using a form of technology; smarthpone, computer, playstation, mp3-player

Title Artist Device used
Summmer Nights John Travolta & Olivia Newton John Movie "Grease"
21 Guns Green Day Computer-Internet-Youtube
Anaconda Nicki Minaj Computer-Internet-Youtube
Dark Doo Wop MSMR Spotify
What a Shame Shinedown Smartphone


Vera is young. Her future is still unpredictable. She has mentioned to her family a few times that she would like to live abroad. Preferably England. She would go there by airplane, this is something she doesn't really like. Eventhough she knows that the technology used to make airplanes function successfully is very advanced, she doesn't like the fact that she has to trust the pilots on taking her to the ground safely again. Vera likes to be in control. She chose Alpha subjects such as economics, history and geography. A test her mentor made her take showed that these subjects would be most suitable for her. This was a test on the internet, many other students also took it. Vera wasn't so sure that she wanted to do something with economics in her future, but she trusted the test on that. Her choice wasn't fully based on the test, but the results of that test were the final straw. In her future, Dik wants to be in contact with people. Robots are taking over many social jobs but Vera thinks that those "should not interfere with her future otherwise she'll get really pissed off".


  • She flew with an airplain 10 times, but still doesn't trust them
  • She uses the computer almost everyday, but the television only twice a week
  • She has her current smartphone for over three years, it was her first phone ever
  • She thinks the self-scanning shopping in supermarkets are handy, but that they decrease the simple social interaction between a cassiere and a client
  • She wants somebody to invent a time machine so she can travel back in time to the Victorian times in England
  • E-books are not her thing, she much more enjoys actual books