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Postcard from the end of the World
2007 December
All the images from this trip and another trip in 2009 July
07c214 A flock of sheep with lambs only a week or two old seen under a low winter sun. Looks normal enough until we look at the date and do a double-take - it is December 3!
But this is a few kilometres from Cabo de São Vicente in Algarve, the southwesternmost point of Europe. A point which the Romans considered the end of the world.
07c192 Moving to Cape St. Vincent itself, here is another double-take situation. This man is fishing.
The surprise is that he is doing it from the top of a 100 metre high cliff! (In the big picture he is at far right and his rod can be seen.)
07c130 Santa Claus comes to Portugal same as everywhere else but this being Algarve, he can dispense with his red coat and just wear a t-shirt on his top! This was seen in Loulé.
07c150 Nearby in Loulé outside the Bar Calcinha which he frequented, we find this statue of António Aleixo (Google translation) a popular poet.
Calcinha means knickers but to judge by the interior it is a very sedate place.
07c284Oh dear! Lesley has got herself a new man and he is bigger than me!
This is Sancho I, King of Portugal who also used the title King of Silves, which is where this statue stands outside …
07c273The Moorish castle in Silves reminding one very much of The Sid.
07c096This is the marina at Vilamoura where we were staying. A totally synthetic rich man's / golfer's paradise. But at least the real Portugal is only a few kilometres away.
Castro Marim station Castro Marim railway station.
The isolated station in the desert - haven't I seen this in numerous western movies? Compare with: Kelso railway station, San Bernardino county, California or El Alamein railway station in northern Egypt.
I uploaded a different view to Wikimedia Commons - see below.

I thought of using the left hand picture to illustrate cataplana in Wikipedia. But it already has the one on the right. 07c322 Cataplana2
Not an RWH image - different licence

Images uploaded to Wikimedia Commons
Guadiana International Bridge - Ponte/Puente Internacional
397 416

Sanlucar de Guadiana
Algoz Lavadouro
416 The church of Nossa Senhora da Piedade (Our Lady of Piety) looks like a spaceship on a prominent hilltop just west of Loulé. It lies within the parish of São Sebastião and, curiously, does not seem to be mentioned in the diocesan website
Mercado Municipal de Loulé. A nice contrast between this image taken by me on a Sunday and …
… this image taken by someone else on a weekday.
Castro Marim railway station.
All the images from this trip and another trip in 2009 July

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