A postcard from west Wales
2007 September
sn3851_662_thThere are lots of sheep in Wales. But the trouble with trying to photograph them is that they are shy and not interested …
sn4451_035Either they ignore you or …
sn2444_243… they just turn their backs on you!

The nearest guy may not have any horns but he is well hung.

sn2249_282Cows on the other hand, especially bullocks will always show an interest.
sn2051_291Horses will show an interest until they realise that you have no sugar for them.
sn2731_500Goats will take an interest until they realise that there is nothing on you worth nibbling.
sn2638_769 At last! I have got two sheep looking at the camera!
sn3351_698 When you get tired of trying to photograph sheep, you can go and sample the products of the local cottage brewery with their sheepishly-named products.
sn3027_186For something completely different.

Bill has had a school named after him. A plaque on the school reads:

Ysgol [school] William Davies
Agorwyd [opened] Mai 1af 1804
It is in Pen-y-bont, Carmarthenshire. A corner of the school is in the right in this photograph.
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