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Lonely Planet,  Canary Islands,  2nd Edition

In case the following has not made it to the 3rd edition.
Information from my visit  2004 May 9 to 16.
Each image below has been sqeezed - click on it for full size version.  The first five images are my own.

Fuerteventura,  The North,  La Oliva,  Casa de los Coroneles

A sign on the building says that restoration has commenced.  No sign of any work people on the day we were there but the upper floor woodwork looks splendid so something is happening.

045716   045719

Fuerteventura,  The North,  La Oliva,  Centro de Arte Canario,  Case Mané

Need to add an entry for  Centro de Arte Canario,  Case Mané (in Spanish. A different site in English).
About 200 metres south of the church and 150 metres north east of La Casa de los Coroneles.  Charge for admission (€4 -ish).

A private initiative of Manuel Delgado Camino.  A house, garden and several sunken galleries all filled with the work of various Canario artists.

045690   045705   045712

Fuerteventura,  The North,  Around El Cotillo

The Zoo Safari just outside Lajares was closed on the day we visited and had a ceased-trading feel to it.  Pity - probably the package-tour companies prefer to take their customers to a dress-you-as-bedouin outfit - as you mention elsewhere in the guide.

Weird World of Sports  (Box on pp. 84 & 85 of the 2nd Edition)
Grassmere, Cumbria
Picture stolen from another web site
    Having been brought up in Westmorland, I do not find Lucha Canaria at all weird.  It sounds almost identical to Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling.  See for example these rules on the web site of a Carolinan with Scottish roots.  A web search for the unlikely combination of "lucha canaria" and cumberland throws up several hits listing these two wrestling styles and others.
These styles may well have evolved quite independantly in different parts of the world.  They are designed to require maximum effort but with minimum risk of injury, eg. no boots allowed.


To show that Fuerteventura lives up to its name, you could include a wind speed chart such as these two (both © of other web sites).  If you do not like wind, the best time to visit is in the Northern Hemisphere's Winter.

ventura     windstats
Image from - the surf shop in El Cotillo.
Website now closed and probably the shop too.

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