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This baby booms back
Graduation day 1967 This is a response to Wikipedia is a poor substitute. Frozen copy as at 2012 April 9.
Here is a typical example of what Wikipedia editors think about the use of award-winning and you are recommended to not use "click here" as link text.
"No editorial or academic experience". I wonder how many more edits I will have to do to Wikipedia before David Henderson will consider me experienced - apparently 40,000 is not quite enough yet. The photo on the left was taken on 1967 June 15 and shows me flanked by my doting parents when I was awarded the degree of MA (Cantab). Incidentally two images earlier in that set is this photo that I took of Susan Jocelyn Bell (as she was then) at the same graduation ceremony. Now, she is somebody who can be described as award-winning.
Wikipe-tan mopping  
Two important fundamental principles of Wikipedia:
  • All information must be verifiable from published sources. The academic qualifications of the editors are therefore irrelevant.
  • Editorial decisions are made by consensus among all editors not just admins. Two reasons I use the twee image on the right as a symbol of my adminship: a) she looks totally unlike me and b) it emphasises the fact that administrator rights are merely janitorial rights. Our job is just to clear up messes.
It had never occurred to me before that Wikipedia might put Encyclopedia Britannica out of business. Perhaps I assumed it had already gone, certainly when one puts any encyclopedic query into Google, Wikipedia is usually there as the first result and Britannica is nowhere to be seen.
David, if you are in DC in July, I hope you will come to Wikimania 2012. You will, I hope, be impressed by the seriousness, dedication, etc. with which the people who are building Wikipedia approach the task.
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