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Annotations for Wikipedia, etc.

06b073xt.jpg see os_grid… below
anne_may.jpg Commons image Anne May.png saved as a JPEG to demonstrate to an obstinate uploader that JPEGs are the preferred format for photographs
ankhnedt.jpg see see hier… below
asta8810.htm Wikipedia admin stats. Not needed - duplicates this permalink. Used in my user page.
bms.php Circumvent Wikipedia blanket ban on Used in here re arc lamp and York Road Library.
boombkup.htm Frozen version of baby boomers grew up with Encyclopedia Britannica, and Wikipedia is poor substitute, a blog post by David E. Henderson. See my response to it and this discussion about the almost trivial incident that sparked it off.
catcamsock.htm Frozen version of Category:Suspected sockpuppets of Camera123456. Probably orphan.
cgal8408.htm From User:RHaworth/gallery on Wikipedia
del_pgwd.png Page widening example. Used from MediaWiki talk:Deletereason-dropdown
diffbug.htm Bug in diff report of deleted edits when live edits exist for the same page. Result of following this diff link - highlighted in green in this edit history
dzong Copy of Kagyu Samye Dzong in 2011 May 22 before it got deleted.
galias.htm Anti-aliassing used from Geograph
Blog post: London Manston Airport. Linked from User:RHaworth/gallery on Wikipedia
gray0296.jpg Photograph of Reginald Gray taken on Reginald's own camera. Originally uploaded as File:Reginald Gray 0296.jpg. Unfortunately the pedants at Wikimedia Commons insist that copyright rests with the person who pushed the button and that person has since died! So we replaced it with a photo of one of Reginald's self-portraits.
p1010042.jpg Similarly File:Study for a Portrait - Gray.jpg got deleted mainly because Reginald failed to jump through the minute hoops of permission giving that they demand on the Commons - see log entries.
logapond.htm Image of Port Logan Fish Pond in Scotland. The proprietrix insisted on having it removed from its place on Wikimedia Commons so here is the state just before deletion. See also deletion request e-mail and other locations.
Blog post: Hieromonster. Linked from: Talk:Egyptian hieroglyphs | User talk:Knowl | User talk:Mmcannis.
Blog post: Wikipedia outtakes. Linked from User:RHaworth/gallery on Wikipedia
p1010042.jpg see gray0296.jpg above
RCre8B13.htm Wikipedia pages created by RHaworth. Frozen (and lightly edited) version of a very slow listing. Used in my user page.
scholars.sql List of the 7217 Rhodes Scholars elected up to 2009 in mySQL format. Derived from this XLS file on the Rhodes House website
Spiralmif Michael Mifsud Canilla submitted this over the top autobiography, or rather, Dreamngo submitted it on his behalf. We did not like it. Michael e-mailed me some images and someone else sent me a much more realistic bio. So I created for him. Michael created the Spiralmif user page with a bio so restrained as to be almost unrecognisable.
Unfortunately, despite having been seen by Google, was too small to be viable and I kept getting warnings from ucoz that it would be deleted. So, taking far more time than it deserved, I incorporated the content into this, my other site on ucoz. It can now be found here.
swift_by_gray_2004.jpg Portrait of Patrick Swift painted by Reginald Gray. Photograph originally called "Patrick SWIFT 91x68cm 2004.jpg" taken by Reginald on his own camera. Uploaded as File:Swift by Gray 2004.jpg. See this debate where an admin demands that a dead man send an email.
thumberror.png Use of HTML to place a dot on a GB map - variations between browsers. Related to, but not used from this note in my sandbox
USPTO seal
version by
version by
Uspto seal 200.gif
scaled down to 45px
by mediawiki
Uspto seal 200.gif
scaled down to 45px
by your browser
Vera Dik Vanity page of a Nederlander schoolgirl - see this discussion.
wco_rc.htm Wikicompany recent changes listing re deleted edits. Orphan
See also Roger's personal wiki for some deletions from Wikipedia
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